Steel Pan

Single layer steel doors, commonly referred to as “steel pan” doors, are great for that un-insulated building. These doors are lightweight, making them a nice option if you are going to be manually operating your door.

Steel Pan (with insulation)

Like the idea of a steel pan door, but looking for insulation?  These doors are great for that building you would like to insulate, without spending more than you have to. 

Steel on Steel (polystyrene insulation)

"Steel on steel” doors have a layer of steel on the exterior, as well as the interior of the door. These doors are not only durable, but also a great option for those that want to provide mid grade insulation for their building.

Steel on Steel (polyurethane insulation)

If you are looking for premium insulation for your building, polyurethane is your answer.  Unlike polystyrene, polyurethane foam fills 100% of a door’s interior space, providing maximum performance and thermal protection.  Did we mention it also helps the door’s structural integrity?  Our polyurethane insulated doors range from an R-Value of 16.4, to an R-Value of 24.5.

Full View Glass (with aluminum stiles)

Although these doors don’t provide much insulation, they offer timeless style and design to any application they are a part of.